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CNH DPA 5 este un tester de camioane

Dearborn Protocol Adapter 5 (prescurtat DPA 5) este conceput pentru a diagnostica sistemele electronice de la camioane, trailere, autobuze si vehicule comerciale usoare. Acopera foarte multe sisteme si este folosit pentru o plaja larga de camioane. Softul este usor de utilizat. Aceasta interfata de diagnoza profesionala este potrivita pentru mentenanta sistemelor: motor, transmisie, frane, comfort, siguranta, emisii, suspensii pe aer. Softul poate fi folosit pe PC, laptop, PDA, notebook-uri. Softul suporta upgrade. 
Se foloseste pentru urmatoarele modele:
- VOLVO TRUCK: FM10, NH565, FH12, FM12, VHD, FH16, FM7, VN, WC, WG, WI, FH565, NH12, FL6, FL7,FL10, FL12, NH525, WX, COMP04, FE, VHD, FH, FM, VM, FM9, F10, F12 , F16, NL10, NL12
- VOLVO BUS: B10B, B10M, B10L, B10R, M10R, B12, B58, B6, B7R, OLYMPIAN, SUPEROLY, B12B, B12M, B12R, B6R, B7L, B7R, B9L, B9R, B9S, B9TL, PREVH, PREVX.
- MACK TRUCKS:V-MAC I,  V-MAC II,  V-MAC III,  V-MAC IV, Service Diagnostic
- VOLVO CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT (CE):Wheel loader: L110E, L110F, L120E, L120F, L150E, L150F, L180E, L180F, L220E, L220F, L330E, L350F,L60E, L60F, L70E, L70F, L90E, L90F
- Excavator: EC135B, EC140B, EC140C, EC160B, EC160C, EC180B, EC180C, EC210B, EC210C, EC235C, EC240B,EC240C, EC290B, EC290C, EC330B, EC330C, EC360B, EC360C, EC460B, EC460C, EC700C, EC700B, EC700C,ECR145C, ECR235C, ECR305C, EW140B, EW140C, EW145B, EW145C, EW160B, EW160C, EW180B, EW180C, EW200B,EW210C, FC2121C, FC2421C, FC2924C, FC3329C, PL4611
Articulated Hauler: A25D, A25E, A30D, A30E, A35D, A35E, A40D, A40E, T450D,
Grader: G710B, G720B, G726B, G730B, G740B, G746B, G780B, G930, G940, G946, G960 , G970, G976, G990
- Navistar:  ALL Diamond Logic Builder (DLB) ServiceMaxx 
- International: ALL Intune, MD32,
- Freightliner:  ALL ServiceLink:cascadia,century,columbia,Coronado,classic,FLDSD,4900FA,4900SA,4900EX

Heavy-Duty Truck Diagnostic Engine:
- Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link (DDDL)
All DDEC VI equipped engines ,DD13,DD15,DD16,SERIES60,MBE4000,MBE900,and RS9, RSX9-A,RSX9-B, RSX9-R, RS10, RSX10 J1939 engine ,brake level for Series 2000 and 4000 Engines with USA and ISO firing order selection 3126, 3406, 3306B, 3512C, C4.4,  C6.6  C7   C9  C11,  C132,

- Caterpillar (on high way engine for j1939) 3126, 3406, 3306B, 3512C, C4.4,  C6.6  C7   C9  C11,  C1/
- Cummins  INSITE7.6  insite7.5
- 3000 Series 6 - 3000 Series
Transmissions Brakes

- Meritor WABCO toolbox
- D and E Versions ,HABS, hpb, ESC, RSC, ECAS
- Bendix® ACom Diagnostics EC-17T, Generation 4 and 5, EC-30T, EC-60T (standard, premium and advanced), A-18T,MC-30T and the trailer antilock braking TABS-6 unit
- Meritor ZF
- Eaton Service Ranger
Vorad VS-400 Collision Warning System
Generation 2 Auto shift and Ultra shift Transmissions
Generation 3 Auto shift and Ultra shift Transmissions
Ultra Shift PLUS Transmissions
Lightning Transmissions
Hybrid Drivetrain Systems
- Allison DOC 

 *API Support:
*supports Windows xp and windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit and windows CE compliant
*Not all applications are included. If compatibility confirmation is required, more information is needed, or there are questions about an unlisted application, please contact your dealer,he will send E-mail to us,. A specialist will help you make the right choice.
Protocol Coverage: 
CAN - J1939/CAN125/CAN250/CAN500/CAN1000
2nd CAN - J1939/CAN125/CAN250/CAN500/CAN1000
J1587/J1708 J1850 J2534
ISO 15765 (Diagnostic CAN)
ISO 14230 (KWP2000 over ISO9141) ALDL ATEC 160 (160 baud)
Software Interface Capability(Includes DVD)
Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link 7.05
Caterpillar Electronic Technician 2010B
Cummins Insite 7.5 (windows XP and 7), inste 7.6 (only for windows 7)
International - ServiceMAXX Fleet Pro
Volvo PTT 2.40
VCADS /Elite Mack/Volvo 2.35
V-MAC Service Tools
Allison DOC? For PC-Service Tool - Protocols Supported: J1939, GMLAN, J1708/J1587, J1850, and
Allison DOC For PC (AED) - Protocols Supported: J1939
Allison DOC For Fleets (1000/2000) - Protocols Supported: J1939, J1850, GMLAN
Allison DOC For Fleets (3000/4000) - Protocols Supported: J1939, J1708/J1587
Eaton ServiceRanger 3.2
Bendix Acom
ZF-Meritor TransSoft / WABCO Toolbox
International ABS
International DLB
International Intune
International IPC v2.02
Perkins EST Diagnostic Interface 2010
- Above all software has keygen or crack files in DVD
- Next we will supply freely software of New Holland and Others
J2534 OEM Software (Does Not Include Software)
J2534 OEM Diagnostic Software Compatibility
The adapter you have purchased is provided with an SAE J2534-compliant interface (an SAE standard for electronic module reprogramming). The DPA5 should be able to reprogram all CAN/ISO15765 vehicles, GM vehicles using the J1850 Variable Pulse Width (VPW) protocol, or other vehicles using the DPA5 J2534-supported protocols (i.e. ISO9141/KWP2000).
The DPA5 has been validated against the following OEM and component applications:
Cummins PowerSpec
Freightliner ServiceLink
Vansco VMMS
Dana Diagnostic Tool
Mitchell1 RepairConnect
General Motors TIS2Web
Ford Module Programming (FMP)
Chrysler J2534 Application
Toyota TIS (Technical Information System)
Honda Service Express
Mazda Module Programming (MMP)
Kia J2534 KMA
Hyundai 2534 HMA
Volkswagen Erwin
Audi Erwin
Nissan J2534 ECU Reprogramming Software (NERS)
All J2534 reprogramming and diagnostic software packages that are J2534-1 and J2534-2 compliant and use a protocol supported by the DPA5 should work as long as the operating system is supported by the application. Note that not all OEMs have released J2534-2 compliant software.

Tester Camioane CNH DPA 5

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